Wednesday, 4 April 2012

I cannot understand guy does not intellect, not ass =(

I met a guy two weeks ago . . .  We liked each other . . . And I like him now . . .
The first time we walked around, met every day. I was happy with him. We hugged, kissed, me was very good with him. He beautiful, strong, charming, charismatic and a football hooligan - I really like these boys. All evening walking in centre of  Moscow, went into a cafe, and then he escorted me to the house. After each meeting, he escorted me to the house.

He invited me to his home for the weekend to a romantic dinner. I refused. On the next weekend he invited me again. I answer - I don't know, maybe, not enough time has passed.
He works at home and sometimes leaves to business. Soon he became alate night coming home from work, but  every time he wrote me sms: where he is at home or not. Ours meetings became less frequent. . .

Then he dissappeared on 24 hour's. On my calls he aren't answered, my sms also reply. I started to worry. . .
Then I wrote him a message : " Gosh, where are you? Found a new girl? Or heifer which gave the sex you? answer me, we are adult people, I understand all. Or are you scuffle? May be something wrong with you? I'm verry worried and don't know what to think. " At that moment he answered : " I found another girl. sorry "

I'm very upset and worry =((  I don't know what to think. All started fantastically. Why did he do that with me??? Why? Why? W H Y ???

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Monday, 2 April 2012


Never go back into the past. It kills your present. Memories are meaningless, they just take away your precious time. Stories are not repeated, humans do not change. Do not wait for anybody, do not stand on the site... Who's supposed to, catch up. Do not look back. Show all the hopes and dreams - just an illusion, do not let them take over you. Remember! Never, under any circumstances, give up, go ahead. The only way you'll get what you want.

Is it normal that we sometimes want to return to the previous relationship with a man who seemed to never see? Why do we sometimes take a step to meet its past and make it into the present? After sometime, we have put an end to this relationship. What is to renew them again? In a world where everything is constantly changing, we are looking for something new and unusual. And sometimes, we find it ... in our past. The man, whom we were about to forget to re-appear on the horizon. Maybe it is because we really want to fall in love, but there is no suitable candidate? Maybe this man did not go out of our hearts, and ...

Do not hold on to a man who does not want to be with you. If a person goes out of your life - then it frees the way someone or something new. After all, we live on this earth to learn receive lessons from life. So each new man for us - it is an innovator. Some of us learn to suffer. Others with insults and abuse are killing our pride, teach humility. Still others teach love. Therefore, any person in our lives can be perceived as a passer. Nothing is eternal. Even our very life is fleeting and passing. And you need to learn for what it does not cling. It is - take as is, it took - rejoice that it was. Good or bad - all brings us to experience. The experience is both positive and negative. And from all we have to draw the right conclusions!

Sunday, 1 April 2012

He said

He said: " I like many woman, I can't be the only one"
She smiled in response.
He said: " I'm alone, I'm free, and owed nothihg to anybody"
She lit a cigarette and looked down.
He said: " I like woman who understand me and appreciate my freedom " 
She grinned and exhaled smoke plum.
He said: " Let's spend a good time, I like you " 
She extinguished the cigarette and looked into his eyes.
He realized that it had no objection.
He said: " You probably had a lot of men? "
She hugged him and held him stronger .
He said: " You just think of me? "
She clossed her eyes and kissad him
Departing in the morning, he said: " Everything  was great, but let it remain between us. "
She reached out and brushed an invisible speck of dust from his shoulder.
He said: " I'll call you sometimes"
She nodded and clossed the door.
He called later that day.
She wasn't home.
He phoned her only late at nightю
It's possible to arrive in a week.
He said: " Well, how do you entertained without me?"
She smiled and offered him coffee.
He called her almost every day.
She sometimes didn't raise up.
He came to her when she alowed.
She didn't explain why the invitations were so rare.
He realized that he wanted to be with her.
He was nervous when she didn't respond to calls.
He lost his temper, when she learned that she was seen with the other.
He wanted to make their relationship know to all.
She was against it.
He wanted to be the only one in her.
He came to her with a hug and bouquet of red roses.
She took the flowers, but are no longer asked to come without an invitation.
He wanted to ask her to marry him.
She said: " I'm alone"
He lit a cigarrete, his hands were trembling.
She said: " I'm free"
He suddenly felt cold.
She said: " I shouldn't be anything to anyone"
It seemed to him that his heart stopped. 

Friday, 30 March 2012

my 1st post)))

Good timeI do not  know yet, what I will write here. I think I will share my thoughts. I'm from Moscow. And my English is not very good. =)